Skilled Earth Stewards Seek Opportunity

Two friends, Barbara Scott and Woody Wodraska, have informed me that they are now seeking an opportunity to share their life skills and insights as earth stewards and teachers on the land.

barbara_woodyThey are seeking a situation in North America – a farm, a community, or an educational setting — where they can uphold a vision focusing on education, nutrition and right relationship.  They have a vast array of skills and insights that will mesh and amplify the efforts of communities or institutions striving to grow food in beauty, abundance, and right relationship with nature.

Woody and Barbara have lived and breathed conscious agriculture for many years. As a consequence they have, individually and as a couple, mastered skills ranging from planning, composting, planting, harvesting, seed saving, animal husbandry, and general stewardship of land.

You can learn more about them, their work, and the opportunity at hand on their website, Soul Medicine Journey.

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