“I listen, and when I do all is well.”

When the Rail Runner Express pulled into the Santa Fe train depot on Friday morning, June 26, Yvonne Scott stepped off. We began a conversation about the land and a prodigious web of related matters.

Yvonne Scott

Yvonne Scott

Yvonne is an environmental enhancer, a land and garden restoration specialist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a woman possessed of a discerning eye and deep experience. After driving away from the train depot, we spent the day together touring gardens in the city and the county, and she shared insights concerning the call of the land.

“My process of being with the energy of a garden is not very mysterious or exciting. Since I was a child, I could communicate with the various members of the backyard or garden or whatever. This is something I’d like to share with others so they can understand that all life forms communicate and are willing to do so with us on one condition: that we listen, not talk. We’ve been doing the ‘talking’ for thousands of years and look where we are. The green realms have our best interests are their core and see themselves in us.

“I recently had the experience of a cucumber plant being eaten to its stem by bugs. When I began to dig it up, it communicated to me to leave it alone and pay more attention with water. Well, the leaves were full of holes, the stem was nearly broken in two, but I gently replanted, mounded new soil around the base of the stem and watered carefully for over a week. Yesterday two new leaves appeared at the base. There is hardly enough green leaf for photosynthesis, yet this plant wants to live and live where I planted it in spite of the risks that bugs could get it again although it tells me that won’t happen.

“I don’t do woo-woo things or fancy rituals or complicated mixtures of this and that. I listen and when I do all is well. It’s the learning to listen that is key and something I’d like to help others to practice more. That’s what I wanted to share with you.”

Yvonne Scott of Environmental Enhancers and Outrageous Gardens, is based in Albuquerque, NM environmentalenhancers@gmail.com

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