Podcast Post Tells of the Land and Sea

Veteran broadcast journalist Wendy Garrett got me on the phone today to record a podcast for her intriguing Talk Shoe Internet radio show.  Our conversation rambled far and wide. We conversed about the call of wild, the call of the land, and even the call of the Gulf of Mexico as the insidious industrial oil catastrophe continues to poison the pathways of life over a vast region of our world.

We talked also about the teachings of the south and north as they originate here on Turtle Island (North America), and directly pertain to this stretch of time and world development. From the south direction, we echo the voices of the Maya on the subject of 2012 and the oil spill, and from the north direction we echo the venerable teachings of the Algonquin peoples about the era of the 8th Fire and the health of the land and sea which sustain us all. We spoke also about fusion, the ethers, and their emerging role in the world. Finally, Wendy and I spoke of the hopes and healing potential that arise with the agrarian impulses being given creative expression by so many people in North America and around the world.

Follow the links below to either listen on the web, or to download the 1/2 hour podcast to your iPod, iPhone, or any other digital listening device.

Listen on the web or download the podcast “Steven McFadden, The Call of the Land” dated July 21, 2010.

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