Sower & Harvester: Agrarian Apha and Omega

now is

The Harvester by Dale Nichols.

The Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art,  will host an educational event from 1-4 p.m. Saturday, July 16. The event will begin with Chief Curator Mark Moseman introducing this year’s Chautauqua on artist Dale Nichols, the renowned Nebraska artist.

Journalist Steven McFadden of Lincoln — author of Farms of Tomorrow and The Call of the Land — will offer a Chautauqua presentation on the theme, “The Sower and the Harvester: Nebraska’s Agrarian Bookends.”

The Chautauqua will conclude with Ruth Nichols sharing Reminisces, and then The Frontier Strings — 15 violins led by Dr. David Jasper — will close the afternoon out with a performance guaranteed to stir creative agrarian impulses.

Bone Creek – America’s preeminent agrarian museum — is located at 575 E St., David City, Nebraska.

The Sower - 20-foot high bronze statue by Lee Lawrie atop the Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln.

2 thoughts on “Sower & Harvester: Agrarian Apha and Omega

  1. casbah3d

    This is a wonderful jewel in David City. Definitely a destination for all things agricultural, contemporary or classic. Mark Moseman has created a beautiful place to ruminate, enjoy, and return. Thanks so much for the post.



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