The Roots of Good Health Are Anchored in the Land


“Let food be thy medicine,
and medicine be thy food.” –

Healthy land is the key to healthy food; thus, inevitably it’s also the key to healthy human beings.

The famous Greek physician of antiquity, Hippocrates – often called the father of western medicine – drew attention to this health key over 2,000 years ago when he authored On Airs, Waters, and Places.

Hippocrates argued that disease was not a punishment inflicted by the gods but rather the product of environmental factors: diet, habits, and the land where you live.

As observation over time shows, clean, vibrant land that is intelligently, organically cultivated constitutes an oasis of health on the face of the earth. The land’s health radiates to everything around, as well as everything that banquets from the land’s bounty arising. Conversely, unhealthy, polluted, chemically saturated land — and  the food raised from it — trend health on a numbing downward spiral.

roots-silhouetteIn a time of increasing impact from climate instability and swiftly rising food prices, we can no longer leave the care of the land that sustains us, and the production from it of our food  – to less than 1% of the population. That’s how few of us are active farmers — the human beings who serve as ambassadors to the earth for all of us.  They touch the land on our behalf. Depending on how we have invested our money to secure our food, the ambassadors work either great good or great harm upon the land.

The land is calling out with thunder as we approach planting season 2013. We are called to listen now and to respond creatively by establishing thousands more networked oases of clean, organically cultivated land, or by directly and actively supporting the farmer ambassadors touching the land for us via the many thousands of 21st Century agrarian initiatives already at work to sink the roots of good health deep into the land.

4 thoughts on “The Roots of Good Health Are Anchored in the Land

  1. Donald E. Lewis

    Hi Stevnen, What an intresting Post and it caught my attention. I was an Organic Dairy Farmer in 1950. After three years of doing both Organic and Conventional together I changed totally to Organic.In 1952 and most convincing experiments was root growth using cow manure with rock phosphate beside chemcal fertilizer on corn. Checking the roots at seven weeks and what a difference in the growth. I call al those hair roots scouts looking for plant food and sending back nutrients to the plants. If the plants are feed water soluable NPK no need for roots. In 1958 I won many awards over hundreds of Chemical Dairy Farmers in Vermont and New England. Not one Agriculture Adviser or farmer came to the Farm to see how I did it without chemicals I wrote a book —
    — Learned by the Fencepost ——published in March 2011. It is on Amazon for review, My theme is the Soil is the Life Blood of the Earth and all Food comes from the Soil— Food and Healh in this Order. The Scientist can not say this. The Book is mostly stressing root growth that is nte visible. I would like to trade books with you if possible. We are on the same wave length and no one can convince me other wise about Organic. Let us work together and we have the Master on our side. Don.


  2. keith

    Please keep spreading the word. I am a farmer in Illinois and have been organic for the last 10 years. We tried to compete with the big dairies by selling on the conventional market and lost money almost every year. So for the last 4 years we had our cows and land certified organic then sold our raw milk direct to the consumer. we also stopped feeding any grain to our cows. I have never seen healthier, calm and relaxed dairy cows. less milk but no vet bills and the cows breed back better. I believe we can milk cows without grain because organic hay and pasture is more nutrient dense. Just like human food, organic food= healthier people.
    But now the big dairy companies are seeing people drinking less of their milk. so the state dept of health is trying to change the state regulations for selling raw milk. they want every raw dairy to have a grade A permit, require expensive testing, keep a log of all customers and label all containers raw milk (in case someone forgets why they drove an extra hour each way to get 3 gallons milk). The new regs. would also not allow advertising, and would limit the amount to 100 gallons per month, about 1/2 the milk that 1 cow produces.
    Our customers are ready to fight for the food they love, many have seen their health improve in a few weeks of drinking this hazerdous liquid. I will keep milking but may have to sell mooshine.
    as for those Health officials….well i will pray for them.

    Please support your local organic farmers.



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