CSA 2020: It’s not just about food

by Steven McFadden
Among the cascade of changes the coronavirus pandemic has unleashed is a wave of interest in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). In a time of insecurity, people like knowing where their food comes from. It’s basic…

…With this wave of interest and energy pouring to into CSA and various food-box schemes, questions arise. Where will the energy go? Will new CSAs follow a business model as many people advocate? With the desperate poverty and hunger now afflicting the nation and the world, that emphasis could become more challenging than usual.

Or will CSAs continue to develop as a range of creative community models? Will CSAs draw in, employ, and maintain the support of local communities so the farm keeps going even as the world turns upside down? Many people are now beginning to recognize the imperative value CSA farms can have in an era of global sickness, economic calamity, and climate catastrophe…

< The full blog post is at Mother Earth News >

2 thoughts on “CSA 2020: It’s not just about food

  1. SharonCarson

    I was asked to present at the nathional csa conference in 1997 (?)on women in agriculture. The year they did a memorial for Robin. She send me the rough draft of her book and a sweet postcard when I struggled to get community support something like ” It’s amazing how many supposedly educated people just don’t get it” I have done many versions of csa here over the years always moving to involving consumers to help with the work not JUST pay money .Its important when you are using human labor not plastic and big machines .I want the people eating the food to be involved in growing it.


    1. Steven McFadden Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Sharon. I think Elizabeth Henderson picked up the thread of Robyn’s book – but not sure – when she wrote Sharing the Harvest, which has been so profoundly influential. I do know for sure that, as she has said, Elizabeth drew inspiration from Robyn’s work. Thank you also for continuing to pioneer and experiment with CSA.



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