The Call of the Land – Free Summit

I invite you to join me and host Brooke Medicine Eagle by engaging in a free online summit, already underway as of November, 2020.

Each day for 25 days or so well into December, Brooke will introduce and then converse with a different teacher. The videos of each session will then remain accessible online for about 30 hours. To register for any or all of this free summit, please follow this link.

My session is set for December 3. If you sign up you’ll hear me talk with Brooke about agroecology – the urgent call of the land as it relates to our food, our farms, and the essential human beings involved in the web of activity that feeds us all. I’ll talk in particular about  how each person, each household, can make an important difference.

Many learned elders are cautioning that we have only this generation
to right ourselves, to come into a harmonious, respectful, inter-connected way of living.

 I invite you join me and my colleague Brooke Medicine Eagle by participating in this deeply informative and inspiring online gathering of wisdom keepers.

Moving Through Current Challenges into
Thriving, Sustainable, Respectful Life
focusing on empowering you with
real, workable, sustainable solutions
for our current personal and global challenges.


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