CSA Farms: Exploration and Activation

This is a link to a Youtube recording of slides I created for an online seminar presented to a large group for KAIL (Kuncup Padang Ilalang) in Indonesia, Earth Day 2021. I invite you to check it out. The slides tell this important story in a concise, colorful way.

Although the first audience for this presentation is the people of Indonesia, the points I share about the context, purpose, and promise of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) are important, and universally relevant. The full 1.5 hour seminar, including both the slides and voice recording, is also available via this link on Youtube.


1 thought on “CSA Farms: Exploration and Activation

  1. Sharon Carson

    CSA and farmers markets never worked for me because I am a gardener and save m6y own seed and make compost by hand .I always wanted the consumer to help as well as learn &not just pick up the foods . I grow my own foods and want diversity not mass production and for the community to be truely involved .Small CSAs are very rare. I do not like being the one doing all the work and having all sorts of expectations from consumers who are not involved .CSA’s have become bigger and bigger with a lot not even using organic methods and much use of hybrids ,plastics and machines . I only go to farmers markets to buy dairy products as all the rest is not grown using organic methods …sadly. I now mostly just grow for myself .



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