The so-far silent tsunami: Global Food Crisis Growing

Two reports this week underscore the need for families, neighborhoods, and communities to take action this year to ensure their ongoing food security. The first report is somewhat longer in term.  The head of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), acknowledged on Monday that global food production — already under strain from the global […]

Your Pantry, Your Planet: Extreme Factors Set the Stage for Global Farm and Food Summit

You have a role to play in the 2021 Global Food Systems Summit. The action begins with your pantry.

CSA 2020: It’s not just about food

Among the cascade of changes the pandemic has unleashed is a wave of interest in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Will CSAs draw in, employ, and maintain the support of local communities so the farm keeps going even as the world turns upside down?

Sleepwalking into Catastrophe, or Awakening via Agroecology

While climate disasters continue to intensify, the UN’s Committee on World Food Security (CFS) released a notable report, Agroecological and other innovative approaches for sustainable agriculture and food systems that enhance food security and nutrition. The report is worthy of wide attention, and actions.

Farmer Geiger’s Thanksgiving Grace

I was there in New Hampshire a year ago in September 2012, just a few miles away when dairyman Lincoln Geiger was badly hurt by a trampling bull.   That Sunday they airlifted him to a hospital in Boston to reckon with life-threatening injuries. But Lincoln’s spirit was strong and he moved through the wounds and the shock, […]

World Food Production & Local Food Production

When I heard about the historically feeble wheat crop of 2013 I began to look around again in the realm of world food production, and once again to connect dots. The sad state of the wheat crop in America’s Central Plains is happening right in my back yard of Nebraska, so that’s what captured my […]

Cracks in the Land

“Our farmers and ranchers have never faced as many problems as they do today with drought, range fires, high gas prices…” – Michael McCau The land is dry and cracking across the heart of America. Drought is the natural cracker, shriveling everything up till there are gaps that demand radical shifts for underground pipes and construction […]