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Coming soon: Deep Agroecology

We will be publishing my new book over the course of Summer 2019. To learn more, follow this link to my Chiron Communications website.


Journal offers solid review of “Awakening Community Intelligence: CSA Farms as 21st Century Cornerstones”

With all that’s happening in the world in general, and to our farms and food in particular, I was happy to read this positive, edifying review of one of my books on the subject of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The book is titled Awakening Community Intelligence: CSA Farms as 21st Century Cornerstones.

I wrote this slender volume – a vision and a call to action – in 2015, immediately after my twin brother Michael died. I felt his spirit urging me to direct in a constructive way the maelstrom of feelings that swarmed me within and without. Awakening Community Intelligence is the result.

The substantive review appears in the current edition of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.

Here’s the review’s first paragraph: “In the slender volume Awakening Community Intelligence, journalist and long-time community supported agriculture (CSA) advocate Steven McFadden argues for the exponential expansion of CSAs. In the face of profound, disruptive challenges in the 21st century—climate change, resource depletion, geopolitical instability—McFadden believes CSAs have the potential to become “community cornerstones” that provide “key points of stability and orientation.” In ten very short chapters, McFadden unfolds his vision of this potential and issues a call to action…”

This Time We Are the Asteroids

Friday evening at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe we heard Pulitzer Prize winning author Elizabeth Kolbert speak about her book, The Sixth Extinction. As expected, the realities she presented were super sobering. She named the five previous extinctions that have occurred on Earth, and their causes. Then she talked at length about the extinction currently well underway, an unprecedented biological annihilation that we human beings are wreaking upon our home planet. “This time,” Kolbert said, “we are the asteroids.”

The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope

A year ago Rae Marie Taylor sent me a galley proof of her book for endorsement, and I wrote one sentence: “Charmed, intrigued, educated, outraged, uplifted, enchanted, activated-all these soul states await readers who journey through the pages of The Land: Our Gift and Wild Hope.”

Now Our Gift and Wild Hope has completed the publication journey and emerged into the world as a fully and handsomely fledged book.

Poet and essayist Taylor is engaged in this volume with the beauties, the threats, and the possibilities vested in the earth, our common home. This book of essays, focused on the Southwest, examines the mounting insults to the land, while anchoring roots of hope in the human beings who are actively and creatively pioneering sustainable ways of living on the land.

Designed by Angela Werneke, this elegant new book offers a poetic witness to the pervasive changes now afoot.