Pathways for
Responding wisely to the Call of the Land

Agrarian Commons – an innovative land-holding model committed to shaping a just, resilient, healthy food system and farm economy for the communities it serves.

AgSquared – Tools & programs to help small farms run productively.

American Community Gardening Association – Resources for US & Canada.

Apitronics – How to build low-power, digital networks of farmstead sensors and switches.

ATTRA (National Sustainable Ag Info Center)  – An online goldmine of resources.

Beginning Farmers – Resources & networking for newbies.

Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association – Ways of participating dynamically and productively with the land.

Biodynamics Now – Biodynamic food and farming discussion group.

Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Ag – Cultivating a healthy food system.

Chef’s Collaborative – National network of chefs for clean food.

City Farmer News – Urban gardening & farming.

Civil Eats – Online magazine about sustainable food.

CoFED – The Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (students).

Community Farms in the 21st Century – two-part article.

Community Food Centres  – Canadian knowledge exchange hub.

Community Gardens – Guidelines for starting one.

Community Gardening Toolkit – a treasure trove of resources.

Community Orchards – Free pdf publication from ATTRA.

Community Seed Banks – How to start one.

Cornucopia Institute – Advocate for the integrity of organic food.

CSAware – Software to streamline CSA administrative work.

CSA Innovation Network – National resources for local CSA farms.

CSA E-mail Strategies – Free guide to CSA email marketing.

CSA Resource Library – a large array of videos and useful documents.

CSA Toolbox – Online support for CSA farms.

Deep Gardening – Soul Lessons from 17 Gardens.

Earthbarns – Revolutionary sustainable barn design.

Earthmetrics – Sophisticated digital mapping tools for farm and garden planning.

Eat LocalGrown – online directory of local food sources for any zip code.

E-commerce platforms: Farmer to Farmer

Edible Economy Project – developing local food production, processing, distribution.

Fair Food Network – Upholding the right to healthy, fresh food.

Factory Farming – Ecowatch guide to animals and factory farming.

FaithLands Toolkit – A guide for faith communities, linking beliefs to the land.

Farm Commons – Legal issues and resources for sustainable ag.

Farm Hack – An Open Source Community for Resilient Agriculture.

Farmland Access Legal Toolkit – a deep resource.

Farm to School – Making school lunches healthy from local farms.

Food Coops – A listing of the many natural food coops across America.

Food Policy Resources – A comprehensive data base from Johns Hopkins U.

Food Pool – How to start a neighborhood food network.

Food Security Gateway – A one-stop web  hub for food security news & resources

Food + Tech Connect – Media & research company building a network for innovators.

Four Season Vegetable Gardening – Just what the title implies.

Full Belly Project – Innovative tools, techniques & projects.

The Greenhorns – Free guide for beginning farmers.

Growing Food Connections – Training for communities on food systems planning.

GrownBy – A computer app to connect shoppers with local farms, no middlemen.

HarvestHand – CSA software, community platforms.

How to find a local CSA farm (Community Supported Agriculture).

iPermie – eBook almanac of Permaculture info & self-study.

Kitchen Incubator – List and resources for small-scale food businesses.

Links for New Farmers – Comprehensive resource page.

Local Food Shift – Tools and techniques for developing local food systems.

Local Harvest – Find CSAs & Farmers’ Markets.

National Center for Appropriate Technology – invaluable pages on sustainable Food & Ag

The New Agrarian – blog on agrarian matters.

The New Farm – Rodale’s online magazine.

Open Food – Free and open source software for the food revolution.

Organic Consumers Association – archive of resources.

Path to Freedom – Urban Homesteading.

Permies – A big, lively online mob of permaculture enthusiasts.

Real Food Media – Resource hub for the food movement.

Seed Library – How to start one at your local library.

Seed Savers Exchange – Members save & share heirloom seeds.

Slow Money – Creative ways for people to invest in local food.

Small Farm Central – Web services for direct-marketin farmers.

Small Farm Works – Clever, practical tools & resources for small farms.

SPIN Farming – A simple, low-input farming system.

Spiritual Ecology – The Cry of the Earth. Spiritual response to ecological crisis.

Square Foot Gardening – A simple, effective system.

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education – SARE – outreach.

Sustainable Farmer –  How to raise food and fiber mindfully.

Tools – Short videos on tools for small farms, market gardens

Ultimate Guide to Gardening Resources – The name says it all.

Urban Hens – Raising poultry in the city.

URGENCI – International network for CSA – Community Supported Agriculture

Virtual Grange – Online community hub for beginning farmers.

Winter CSA Basics – Useful blog post from High Mowing Seeds.

Wiser Earth – Social network for sustainability.

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