I welcome invitations to speak.
I’ve had the privilege of working with groups both large and small from coast to coast, and abroad at conferences, workshops, seminars, and classrooms.

Now it’s time to do more.  ~ Steven McFadden Contact.

Author Steven McFadden offers audiences inspiration and empowerment by guiding them to engage powerful, practical visions grounded in experience and expertise



Via Skype, Zoom, other digital technologies, or in person
Community, University, Conference, Classroom, or Business

in celebrating the publication of Deep Agroecology: Farms, Food, and Our Future.

Author Steven McFadden has written about the Earth, farming, and food for over 40 years. This is his most uplifting work to date. Come enjoy complimentary, farm fresh appetizers and a cash bar on Friday evening, Nov. 1 as Steven talks about his journey and reads from his new book. Special guests will also share their vision of a healthy, just, delicious world.

Sample Talks and Workshops
offered by Steven McFadden

The Call of the Land: Deep Agroecology –
Our relationships with the earth, with our local environments, and with our food are being actively challenged. Agroecology and deep agroecology are intelligent, sophisticated, and effective ways to meet and to transcend those challenges, establishing a clean, healthy foundation on the earth for our food and for the next evolutionary step of humanity. We can respond wisely and decisively to the chaos in our climate and culture, for the present and for future. My talk on The Call of the Land offers facts, experiences, ideas, and ideals leading to the well-being and upliftment characteristic of deep agroecology.

Tales of the Whirling Rainbow – 
Gather round to hear true, dynamic tellings of some of the key multicultural, multifaith myths and mysteries of the Americas, and to consider how those legends may resound helpfully in real time. People need to know these stories. Having worked as a journalist for over 40 years, I’ve recognized that now is the time to tell the tales to groups large or small. In the telling I draw from sources both ancient and modern to convey insights into key facets of North America’s unfolding saga, and into essential issues of diversity.

The ominous reality of hate-mongering and cultural division are, many scholars say, symptoms of  a deeper crisis of meaning and purpose. Because these stories arise from the deepest roots of the Americas, the Tales of the Whirling Rainbow can be of high service as we pass through the present cultural and environmental tempest.

Odyssey of the 8th Fire ~
It is my honor to be able to sound a drum, to take a place in a circle, and then to relate the true, epic saga of a band of pilgrims who made a prophetic journey walking from the Atlantic to the Pacific under the dramatic sky sign of the Whirling Rainbow, and the sure guidance of traditional keepers and spiritual elders of North America. Through this saga, and through its interactive telling, we engage the elders’ great and generous giveaway of  understandings about our land, and our lives together upon the land.



Awakening Community Intelligence – Keynote talk at the Midwest CSA Conference, Dec. 3-4, 2015 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The conference will feature two general sessions and four concurrent workshop tracks, each with four workshop sessions, and the keynote.

In the general sessions CSA participants from across the Midwest and the nation will come together to discuss and learn about issues and opportunities for the CSA movement. These issues include, among others:

  • Moving from competition to cooperation among farms and communities
  • CSA as community building versus just marketing
  • Supporting new CSA farmers as well as more experienced farmers who are ready to move on from day-to-day farming.
  • Exploring a unified vision for the Midwestern CSA movement


CSA farmers and shareholders from across the Midwest are invited to come together in Eau Claire for this important gathering of the movement. Registration details tor The Midwest CSA Conference are here.

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Odyssey of the 8th Fire –  June 25 from 7-9 PM at the Lincoln Unitarian Church – Lincoln, Nebraska. Steven McFadden will relate the true, epic tale of the prophetic pilgrimage from the Atlantic to the Pacific that began 20 years ago.  More details to come in the weeks ahead…



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