Book Reviews – The Call of the Land

Prairie Fire – August, 2010 review by Prof. Charles Francis, UNL Ag School

Woody Wodraska – Nov. 28, 2009 – Book Review.

Jim Barnes, – March, 2010 – Review.

“… A key strength of The Call of the Land is that it provides a practical introduction to a variety of philosophical ideas and strategies that should be of interest to a broad spectrum of agriculture and food system development practitioners…”

“…According to Hinrichs and Lyson (2007), lessons learned from the university and the field are increasingly helping us to participate in a flourishing movement to transform the North American food system. Readers new to this movement sometimes struggle to identify a primer that is accessible and grounded in real-world examples. The Call of the Land: An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century lends itself as a tool for such readers, as it not only illustrates a foundational agrarian ethos historically argued by Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson, but it also outlines a variety of practical models and approaches to inform the practice of local food system development.”

Review by Kim L. Niewolny and Nancy K. Franz
Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
Volume 1, Issue 1 / August 2010 163

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