#bodyshotWelcome to my blog for Deep Agroecology, formerly The Call of the Land. My name is Steven McFadden. I’ve been writing about the land since I graduated from journalism school at Boston University in 1975, and I’ve authored hundreds of articles, and 15 nonfiction books exploring themes related to the land and to our lives.

This blog expresses the urgent call of the land as I and a host of other listeners hear it. In particular it explores positive creative responses to the call that we might have an abundance of clean food and heal the profoundly distressed environment in which we and our children dwell.

I’ve just finished writing a book titled, Deep Agroecology: Farms, Food, and Our Future. That book will be released in 2019 in both print and eBook editions. As of early January 2019, this blog site is in transition from its original name, The Call of the Land, to it’s new name and related identity: Deep Agroecology: Farms, Food, and Our Future.

I invite you to visit my other websites as well. Chiron Communications is my general, all-purpose site, describing other realms of work, and my other books including Farms of Tomorrow (1990) and Farms of Tomorrow Revisited (1998) which I co-authored with Trauger Groh. They are the first two books published on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). I’ve also authored Awakening Community Intelligence: CSA Farms as Community Cornerstones.

Ultimately, there is also Odyssey of the 8th Fire, wherein I relate at epic length the true saga of a band of pilgrims who made a prophetic journey in 1995-96, walking from the Atlantic to the Pacific under the dramatic sky sign of the Whirling Rainbow, and the sure guidance of traditional keepers and spiritual elders of North America. Through this online saga, the elders make a great, ongoing giveaway of their understandings about the land.

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